Smart Consumer Tips

Tips to make you a better consumer

In any industry there are wonderful professionals that stand by their work, and there are disgraceful opportunists that give roofing companies a bad name. When it comes to one of the largest investments in your life, your home, being aware can save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration and regret.

Here are a few tips to help you spot the difference and make you an educated consumer.

What makes a roofer "bad"?

Read Below for Roofing Red Flags

  • They are not qualified or trained
  • They overcharge and under deliver
  • They use poor quality materials
  • They do not complete the job
  • They do not offer any Labor Warranties

    Did you know that most shingles have a manufacturer's warranty, but if the labor is not warrantied, you are left hanging when something goes wrong? That company has no obligation to come back and repair the damage!

  • Often their quote is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than any others
    This is often a smoke screen. There are certain costs involved in roofing that qualified companies have to pay. Unfortunately, if it's too good to be true, it often is and that can be a COSTLY mistake The job price should be accounting for:

    -Professional workers salary
    -Quality materials

  • Opportunists
    An unsolicited stop at your door offering a huge discount because they are in the neighborhood... this is a red flag.

Tips to hiring a qualified roofer

Trust is our top priority

  • Do your homework.
  • Do some online research into the companies you are looking to hire
  • Read their reviews
  • Visit their website

  • Longevity - look for a company that has been in business for several years- this will help you avoid a fly-by-night or (change my name every time we get sued) company.

  • Quality - speak to your roofer, ask about the materials they use. Illustrating a bit of knowledge on your part can show you are educated and will not be easy to fool with cheap materials. Look for someone that offers different grades of materials specific to your needs. One size does not fit all. Make sure they explain the differences to you clearly, done be rushed into the 1 product they sell

  • Warranty - hire a roofing company that stands by their WORK. Not just promote the manufacturer warranty on the products

  • Insurance - many things can go wrong on a roofing job. Ensure the professionals you hire have a valid insurance policy to protect you and your property

Metal Roofing Questions

Q- can you install a metal roof over my existing shingle roof?

Just like every house is unique, so is every roof and roofing material. Placing metal roofing OVER shingles is possible but specific roofing materials must be used, and extra steps must be taken.
If this is your goal, it's important to discuss this with your salesperson so together you can weigh out the pro's, cons and costs to find the best solution for your home and budget.

Q- Will metal roofing improve my home value?

(according to A contemporary metal roof can improve the value by 1-6% compared to an asphalt shingled home. homeowners in the northeast recoup an average of 95.5% of their costs of installing metal roofing!

Q-What are the benefits of choosing metal or traditional shingles?

According to State Farm Insurance (
Lifespan - a metal roof life span is 50+, a traditional asphalt shingle roof is 30.
Energy efficiency- metal roofs reflect solar heat which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%
Fire resistance - metal roofs will not spark and ignite flames during a wildfire or lightning strike
Environmentally friendly- metal roofs are 25-95% recycled content, and are 100% recyclable, in contrast- most shingle roofing makes up 20 billion pounds of waste per year!

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